2019 Spring Launch/Service Form


We will contact you once we receive Form. Any questions can be answered when we contact you to go over your form.

Any changes or added services can be made at that point -

Form must be received three weeks prior to anticipated launch dates for proper scheduling. If extra services are needed please allow more than three weeks to schedule properly

- Any customers with outstanding balances will not be scheduled for service or launch until their outstanding balance is paid -

Your "Big Boat Winter Storage Package" comes with a FREE launch of your boat, but the boat has to be prepped and ready for the launch! The customer can do this themselves or we can perform those tasks for you. Preparation would include removing shrink wrap and support structure, installation of camper top hardware and canvas if equipped, charge batteries, flush freshwater system, start up motors and make sure your boat is ready for launch.

Trailer Boaters please fill out form as well to schedule spring prep and indicate when your would like to pick up your boat from our yard. Only the "Big Boat Package" (non trailerable boats) come with a Free Spring Launch. If you need help with launching your trailer boat we can help. Trailer boat launches are $95. That includes two men and truck.

If you don't hear from Miller's within 24 hours after form submission please follow up with a call or email to make sure we received your form.

Stop in and fill out a form at our office or call in for over the phone form submission!

A representative from Miller's will contact you verifying receipt of your Spring Launch/Service Form.

If you don't hear from Miller's within 24 hours please follow up with a call 219-762-8767, email